This series consists of the new products that shall find their way soon into the stores near you! Do look out for our constantly fresh list of products that we are bringing to you.

XO Lemon Cuttlefish 50g
XO 柠檬鱿鱼碎 50g

XO Red Cuttlefish 50g
XO 红鱿鱼碎 50g

XO Crispy Ikan Bilis 80g
XO 可口江鱼仔 80g

XO Black Pepper Cuttlefish 80g
XO 黑胡椒鱿鱼 80g

XO Spicy Cuttlefish 80g
XO 麻辣鱿鱼 80g

XO Fragrance Cuttlefish 40g
XO 特制鱿鱼 40g

Japan White Cuttlefish 100g
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